Toros Kampali

Pulau Labengki , Sulawesi Tenggara, Indonesia

An incredible site off the South West coast of Sulawesi.

  • A project that will contribute to protect this incredible natural setting, in collaboration with the local authorities and the near-by Baja Laut village
  • A leading project in terms of environmental sustainability
  • A unique experience for the future guests

The site is unique, fantastic, so the architectural design concept will be minimalistic to an extreme, as the focus point should be the nature. To fully enjoy the beautiful lagoons and reefs , the rocky shoreline and its exceptional vegetation, the architecture will be fully transparent.

This is typically the setting where, in terms of architecture , less is more. The very low density , with a maximum of 25 villas for close to two kilometers of shoreline and the carefully set orientation of each villa will ensure total privacy.

The villas will be set overwater, in the sandy areas to avoid any damage to the rocks and reefs .

The buildings will be prefabricated and assembled on site using traditional techniques , adapted to contemporary architecture. The focus during construction will be to avoid any damage to the natural environment as it will be the real asset of this unique resort.

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